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* Stretching exercises are not included in this list!
Batwing Row Bent Over Row With Barbell, Overhand Grip Bent Over Row With Barbell, Underhand Grip Bent Over Row With Dumbbells Biceps Curl On Incline Bench Biceps-Curl To Shoulder Press With EZ Bar Bradford Press Calf Raise With Barbell, Standing Chin-up With Towel Cross-Body Shoulder Raise, side lying Deadlift, Snatch Grip Decline Bench Press Exercise Ball Rollout On Knees Front Raise With Dumbbells Front Raise With Dumbbells, Single-Arm Front Squat With Barbell Goblet Squat Hanging Leg Raise Incline Bench Press With Dumbbells Jackknife On Exercise Ball, One-Legged L-Fly With Dumbbells, Standing
Landmine Press, Half-Kneeling Lateral Biceps-Curl Lateral Raise Lateral Raise With Resistance Band Lateral Raise, Single-Arm, Standing Lumberjack Press Meadow Row Neider Press Overhead Side Bend / Saxon Side Bend Pullover With Barbell Pullover With Dumbbell Push Press Push-up On Exercise Ball Rolling Triceps Extension Rotating Bicep Curl Row In Static Squat-Position Scaption And Shrugs With Dumbbells Scott Curl With Dumbbell, Single-Arm Shoulder Press With Dumbbells On Exercise Ball Shrug With Dumbbells Shrugs With Barbell Side Leg Raise, Standing Side Step-up Squat At The Wall With Exercise Ball And Dumbbells Squat With Dumbbells Swings with Kettlebell T-Bar Row T-Bar Row, Single-Arm Thruster With Barbell Triceps Extension / French Press, Overhand Grip Upright Row Wrist Curl With Barbell, Overhand Grip, Seated Wrist Rotation Zottman Curl Horizontal Fly Lunge With Barbell Wrist Curl With Dumbbells, Overhand Grip, Seated Dragon Flag Arnold Press Calf Raise With Barbell, Seated Pendlay Row Bench Press Bent Over Reverse Fly, Standing Chin-up Leg Curl With Dumbbell Shoulder Press With Barbell, Standing / Military Press Bent Over Reverse Fly, Seated External Rotation With Dumbbell, Seated Wall Glute Bridge, One-Legged Deadlift With Barbell Deadlift With Dumbbells Farmer’s Walk Gironda Sternum Chin-up Hip Thrust With Barbell Incline Bench Press Inverted Row Between Chairs Leg Raise With Exercise Ball Stirring The Pot With Exercise Ball L-Seat Squat With Barbell Bent Arm Pullover With Dumbbell Bent Over Balance Row, Double-Handed Biceps-Curl With Dumbbells Fly Prone Biceps-Curl / Spider Curl Pull-up Reverse Hyperextension With Exercise Ball Side Bend With Broomstick Box Jump Side Star Plank Breaststroke With Dumbbells Concentration Curl Cross-Body Hammer Curl Decline Bench Press With Dumbbells External Rotation With Dumbbell, Lying Glute Bridge With Chair Hammer Curl Hip Abduction, Standing Hyperextension On Bench Leg Raise On Decline Bench Overhead Squat Reverse Lunge Romanian Deadlift Sliding Straight Arm Jackknife Plank Static Runner Thruster With Dumbbells Triceps Extension With Dumbbells, Lying Calf Raise, One-Legged, Standing Sit Outs Drag Curl With EZ Bar Sliding Towel Pike Straight Arm Plank With Side Hip Abduction Upright Row With Dumbbells Scorpion Push-up Superman / Superwoman Biceps-Curl With EZ Bar, Underhand Grip Bicycle Calf Raise, Lying Close Grip Bench Press Deck Squat Donkey Whips Kayaking Lateral L Raise With Rotation Leg Extension With Partner Lunge With Dumbbells Push-up Rollout With Dumbbells Reverse Fly, Kneeling Row On Exercise Ball With Dumbbells Russian Twist With Weight Scissor Kick Shoulder Press With Dumbbells, Standing Shoulder Press With Partner Swing With Dumbbell, Single-Arm Triceps Extension / French Press, Underhand Grip Uppercut With Dumbbells Dips With Chair, Bent Legs Alternating Dumbbell Swings Plank With Hip Twists Biceps-Curl With Dumbbells, Overhand Grip Calf Raise, Standing Plank With Leg Sweep / Rotational Mountain Climber Triceps Extension With Dumbbell, Standing, Two-handed Wrist Curl With Dumbbells, Underhand Grip, Seated Leg Raise, Lying Bent Over Twist With Broomstick Curl And Press Cushion Squeeze Globe Jumps Glute-Ham Raise On The Floor / Russian Leg Curl Inverted Row With Partner Jump, One-Legged Push-up Hold With Towel Rollout On Knees Saw Plank Side Bridge Triceps Extension, Seated, Single-Arm Triceps Kickback On Bench Lat Pulldown With Towel Prone Cobra Dips On The Floor Forward Sliding Push-up Side Bend With Dumbbell Straight Arm Plank With Hip Extension Lat Press On The Floor, Lying High Pulls Iron Cross / Kettlebell Crucifix Kroc Row Pistol Squat Decline Push-up Floor Flys With Dumbbells Crunch With Lifted Legs Door Row Slide Into Reverse Plank Straight Arm Pullback With Dumbbell Sliding Push-up Diagonal Crunch Lunge 21s / 3-Part Curl Bench Press, Underhand Grip Bent Over Reverse Fly, Single-Arm, Standing Biceps-Curl, Lying Crush Press / Squeeze Press Dips Between Two Chairs Door Frame Shoulder Press Double Crunch Floor Press Floor Pullover With Kettlebell Front Raise With EZ Bar Glute Bridge With Adductor Press Glute Bridge With Bent Leg Good-morning Incline Bench Row Incline Flys With Dumbbells Inverted Table Row With Broomstick, Overhand Grip Leg Curl With Dumbbell On Table Lunge On Tiptoes With Dumbbells Lunge Split Jump Preacher Curl On Exercise Ball Seated Twist / Saw Shoulder Hold With Towel Shoulder Press With Dumbbells, Hammer Grip, Seated Shoulder Press With Dumbbells, seated Side Plank With Rotation Sliding Leg Curl Squat At The Wall With Exercise Ball Superman / Superwoman Crossover Tate Press Toe Taps / Box Jump March Row With Dumbbell, Leaning Inverted Table Row Jump Rope Sumo Squat With Dumbbell Biceps-Curl With Leg Resistance Cross-Body Triceps Extension Cuban Press Dead Bugs Frog Sit-Up / Butterfly Crunch Hip Raise / Pulse Up Leg Curl With Exercise Ball Triceps Extension, Single-Arm, Side Lying Staggered Push-up Jackknife Push-up Rolling Glute Bridge With Exercise Ball Side Mountain Climbers Step-up Zercher Squat Push And Pull With Towel Hand Release Push-up Row With Towel, Seated Snatch With Dumbbell Thigh Pull, Seated Prisoner Squat Wall Sit Russian Twist Bent Over Balance Touch, One-Legged Curtsy Lunge Decline Wall Push-up Figure Of Eight With Kettlebell Floor Press With Dumbbells Half Sit-up Reverse Fly On Incline Bench Star Jump Triceps Extension Push-up / Sphinx Push-up Triceps Kickback, Double-Handed Dips Between Chairs - alternatively 180 Jump Squat Biceps-Curl With EZ Bar, Overhand Grip Crunch On Exercise Ball Glute Bridge With Thigh Squeeze In and outs / Knee Tuck Isometric Hip Flexion Reverse Plank Between Two Chairs Bent Over Balance Row With Support, Single-Arm Crab Walk Dancing Crab Jogging Leg Extension With Dumbbell, Seated Monster Walk Plank Walk-out / Inchworm Spiderman Crunch Tuck Jumps Wrist Curl With Barbell, Underhand Grip, Seated T Push-up Thigh Press, Seated Hyperextension With Exercise Ball Isometric Chest Squeeze Modified V-Sit Glute Bridge Halo / Around The World With Kettlebell Leg Curl, Standing Push Back Push-up Push-up On Knees Renegade Row With Towel Straight Arm Glute Bridge Tuck Hold Wood-Chop With Dumbbell Shoulder Tap Push-up Bulgarian Split Squat Toe Raise Plank With Leg Raise Renegade Row Straight Arm Plank Swimming / Aquaman Crunch Bench Press With Dumbbells Door Pull-up Front Raise With Twist High Knees in Place Serratus Push-up Reverse Snow Angel Plank Jumping Jacks Kneeling On Exercise Ball Skier Swings Front Raise With Self-Resistance Maltese Plank Shoulder Blade Squeeze Plank Lower Body Russian Twist / Windshield Wiper Incline Wall Push-up Diamond Push-up Alphabet / ABC With Medicine Ball Bear Crawl Bent Over Row With Core Twist And Dumbbell, Single-Arm Bent Over Shrug Biceps-Curl With Front Raise Close Grip Biceps-Curl Crab Kick Deadlift, One-Legged Donkey Kick Duck Unders Exercise Ball Squeeze External Rotation With Resistance Band Heel to Toe Rocker In Squat Position Isometric Concentration Curl Jogging / Running In Place Kneeling Jumps / Ninja Jumps Leaning Camel Leg Curl With Partner Leg Extension, Seated Leg Press With Partner Leg Raise, Standing Oblique Crunch Oblique Crunch On Exercise Ball Overhead Band Pull Apart Pike On Exercise Ball Prone Raise / Scaption With Dumbbells Quadriceps Press Russian Twist With Barbell Sliding Alligator Crawl Sliding Lat Pull Sliding Leg Adduction And Abduction In Plank Position Snap-up Squat At The Wall With Exercise Ball, One-Legged Straight Arm Plank Around The World Straight Arm Plank With Alternating Arm And Leg Raise Suitcase Deadlift Sumo Squat Toe Touch Crunch Triceps Extension Push-up With Chair Triceps Extension With Towel Uneven Push-up Vertical Internal Rotation With Dumbbell, Lying Walk-out With Exercise Ball Burpee Dips With Chair Bent Knee Leg Raise, Lying Squat On Tiptoes Plank To Push-up Wrestler Squat Plank With Alternating Arm And Leg Raise Bent Over Shoulder Press With Dumbbells, One-Legged Reverse Plank Wall Sit With Calf Raise Squat Fire Feet Row And Hold With Towel Sliding Cobra Mountain Climber Lunge On Tiptoes Pendulum Side Plank Frog Squat Side Lunge Glute Bridge On Exercise Ball Jackknife On Exercise Ball Pelvic Tilt Tripod Push-up Reverse Crunch Bird Dog Dips With Exercise Ball Glute Bridge With Straight Leg Jump Squat Leg Extension, Standing Pop Squat Side Jumps Squat Thrust Turkish Get-up Twist With Broomstick Side Reach / Foot to Foot Crunch Hindu Push-up / Dands Side-to-Side Bench Jumps Superman / Superwoman With Twist Punches With Dumbbells Air Squat Broad Jump / Standing Long Jump Bent Arm Pullover With Barbell Frankenstein Walk Jump Squat / Straddle Jump On Bench Lat Pulldown Over And Under With Partner Plank Extension With Exercise Ball Reverse Plank With Leg Raise Russian Twist, Standing Skater Hops Sliding Side Lunge Squat Jacks Towel Wringing Tuck Jump With Ball Biceps-Curl With Towel, Seated Leg Extension, Lying Thoracic Rotation Cross-Body Hammer Curl / Cross-Body Triceps Extension With Towel Sliding Mountain Climber Windmill Inner Biceps Curl Leg Curl With Towel Triceps Pull-Down With Towel Door Frame Row Side Leg Raise, Lying Bent Over Trunk Rotation Butt-Ups / Dolphin Raise Cliffhanger Jumping Jacks Lateral Leg Raise Leg Whip Plank Mogul Jumps Row With Towel, Standing Scissor Jumps Telle Curl Triceps Kickback, Single-Arm Door Pull-up With Towel Lateral Bear Crawl Side Kick, Lying Jackknife Clam-Shell Bench Press With Dumbbell, Single-Arm Low Windmill Single-leg Circles Reverse Hyperextension On Table Hollow Rock Isometric Leg Tuck Russian Twist On Exercise Ball Side Double-Leg Raise, Lying Arm Circle, Lying Ball Twister With Partner Diagonal Pole Move Heel Beats Hip Adduction, Lying Jumping Ankle Taps Kneeling Squat Lateral Raise On Incline Bench Lateral Raise With Barbell Lateral Raise With Partner Leg Squat Through Ring Prone Leg Curl With Exercise Ball Reverse Sliding Lunge Row With Towel And Partner Side Lunge With Dumbbells Side Plank With Adductor Press Slingshot With Kettlebell Squats With Partner Sumo Squat With Barbell Swimming Frog Triceps Extension With Towel And Partner