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About us

Who are the people behind this page? How did the idea for it come up? Here is a look behind the scenes.

Every one of us always had fun doing sports in free time. In the past five years fitness became important, too. We became aware of our weaknesses and set goals to challenge our bodies: doing a half marathon or marathon in a certain time, managing more weight with the bench press and mastering challenging exercises. A great looking body was also important to show people the success of the workouts.

Originally, we were all signed in at the gym. Time went by, and the gym became a trouble. A stressless workout and physical relief were not possible anymore! Too many people in peak time caused undesirable waiting times and bad air in the gym, the music was annoying, boring or even comparable to a lullaby. We used the big machines less and went over to the dumbbells fitness mats to manage our goals. The dumbbells give a bigger impulse to the muscles. This forced us to research new exercises. There was no elaborate database. The exercises were not easy to find and widespreaded in the internet. We often saw, that about 50% of the people were doing the exercises the wrong way, so that they have put unneeded strain on their bodies and the exercises could not work right. Then, the idea of homegym-exrrcises.com was born. After the gym fee was increased with 25%, we decided to say goodbye to the gym. We bought the needed dumbbells for our workout at home. Already after a few months, the costs of the equipment charged off. It is low priced and more flexible to do the workout at home. You can easily put together a great full body workout in your own four walls without using any equipment, or use thing you already own, for example chairs, towels or your backpack.

We work out 2 to 5 times a week. Mostly, we do not use any equipment. Additionally, we do endurance training like jogging and cycling.

Like most of fitness loving people, we are also interested in the theme health, nutrition is very important, when talking about it. Especially the question: ‚How much protein do I need?' plays a big role! In parts we joined the "protein madness", that means we consumed additional proteins or even replaced complete dishes with protein powder. That was a fault. Not much was taught about nutrition in the schools, so we informed ourselves and did not look at the deceiving attempts of the media. We became vegan and our health as well as the mental and physical fitness level improved. This was a great feeling, so the change was easy to do. Furthermore the ethical and natural reasons are important.
We suggest the videos Earthlings (Attention, hard stuff!), the speech of Gary Yourofsky and the (audio-)book China Study of T. Colin Campbell.

We want to create the best possible exercise library for a workout at home without (expensive) equipment and with free weights, you can ever wish for!