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Leg Curl With Exercise Ball

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auxiliary muscles:Lower BackMuscle, Rectus AbdominisMuscle, ObliquesMuscle, AdductorsMuscle, AbductorsMuscle, CalvesMuscle, GlutesMuscle
required:Exercise Ball
optional:Fitness Mat
fitness level:Hard
exercise type:Strength
Variations available (7)
Starting PositionExecution
Starting Position (Alternative)Execution

General and Specifics

  • this leg exercise requires your stability and strengthens the hip, besides the muscles named above

Starting Position

  • lay your back on the ground
  • the heels and ankles are placed on the upper part of the gym ball, the legs are stretched out
  • rest the arms on the ground, they stabilize your position

Correct Execution

  • brace the legs and glutes
  • push the heels on the ball
  • lift your hip, so that your body forms a line and only head, shoulders and arms have contact to the ground
  • bend the knees and roll the ball towards your glutes
  • in the final position, the soles should be on the middle part of the ball
  • hold the contraction for two seconds
  • stretch the legs and roll back the ball
  • always keep up the hips

tip for the workout

  • let one leg hover across the ground, if you want to impede the exercise