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Muscle-Building Exercise Library

* Stretching exercises are not included in this list!
Hanging Leg Raise Jackknife On Exercise Ball, One-Legged Slingshot With Kettlebell Dragon Flag L-Seat Leg Raise With Exercise Ball Stirring The Pot With Exercise Ball Leg Raise On Decline Bench Sit Outs Sliding Straight Arm Jackknife Plank Bicycle Russian Twist With Weight Sliding Towel Pike Kayaking Plank With Leg Sweep / Rotational Mountain Climber Scissor Kick Leg Raise, Lying Alternating Dumbbell Swings Forward Sliding Push-up Rollout On Knees Saw Plank
Crunch With Lifted Legs Plank With Hip Twists Side Plank With Rotation Deck Squat Frog Sit-Up / Butterfly Crunch Hip Raise / Pulse Up In and outs / Knee Tuck Russian Twist Exercise Ball Rollout On Knees Rolling Glute Bridge With Exercise Ball Side Mountain Climbers Crab Kick Half Sit-up Spiderman Crunch Triceps Extension Push-up / Sphinx Push-up Tuck Hold Plank Walk-out / Inchworm Crunch On Exercise Ball Slide Into Reverse Plank Dancing Crab Dead Bugs Double Crunch Modified V-Sit Crunch Toe Touch Crunch Triceps Extension Push-up With Chair Shoulder Tap Push-up Plank Jumping Jacks Serratus Push-up Plank Kneeling On Exercise Ball Maltese Plank Donkey Kick Leg Raise, Standing Oblique Crunch On Exercise Ball Pike On Exercise Ball Plank To Push-up Plank With Leg Raise Russian Twist With Barbell Sliding Alligator Crawl Sliding Leg Adduction And Abduction In Plank Position Snap-up Straight Arm Plank Around The World Straight Arm Plank With Alternating Arm And Leg Raise Walk-out With Exercise Ball Bent Knee Leg Raise, Lying Plank With Alternating Arm And Leg Raise Pendulum Mountain Climber Jackknife On Exercise Ball Reverse Crunch Bird Dog Side Reach / Foot to Foot Crunch Turkish Get-up Plank Extension With Exercise Ball Plank Mogul Jumps Frankenstein Walk Reverse Plank With Leg Raise Sliding Mountain Climber Windmill Butt-Ups / Dolphin Raise Cliffhanger Jackknife Low Windmill Hollow Rock Ball Twister With Partner Diagonal Pole Move Leg Squat Through Ring