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Russian Twist With Barbell

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muscles:Latissimus DorsiMuscle, DeltoidsMuscle, Rectus AbdominisMuscle, ObliquesMuscle
auxiliary muscles:TrapeziusMuscle, Teres MusclesMuscle
fitness level:Normal
exercise type:Strength
Variations available (10)
Starting PositionExecution

General And Specifics

  • choose a corner or another place where the weight does not slip away, put a towel there: it prevents damages

Starting Position

  • place a barbell on the towel
  • grasp the other end right above the weight plates with both hands
  • make a step back, so that you can hold the weight in front of you with stretched out arms
  • the feet point forward
  • the back is straight
  • the legs are slightly bent

Correct Execution

  • turn the upper body sideways
  • the arms remain stretched out
  • the motion only happens in the hips, not in the arms
  • if you rotate to the right, turn your left foot in to keep the stability, the right foot does not move
  • the upper end of the barbell goes to the hip area
  • then you turn the barbell to the other side
  • keep in mind to turn the other foot then
  • repeat this barbell exercise several times