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Biceps-Curl, Lying

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auxiliary muscles:Hand FlexorsMuscle, DeltoidsMuscle
required:Bench, Dumbbells (2)
fitness level:Normal
exercise type:Strength
Variations available (23)
Starting PositionExecution - 1nd Step
Execution - 2rd Step

General And Specifics

  • the big range of motion gives new impulses to the biceps
  • additionally, it is stretched at the lowest point of the movement
  • the change between stretching and contraction as an intensive technique helps improving the flexibility and strength
  • to avoid injuries in the shoulder area, use less weight than in the Biceps-Curl With Dumbbells

Starting Position

  • grasp two dumbbells and lay your back on the weight bench
  • let the arms hang at the sides of it
  • the elbows are slightly bent
  • the palms of the hands point to the bench
  • put your feet on the ground or on the end of the bench

Correct Execution

  • bend the arms and bring the weights in front of your shoulders
  • turn the wrists outwards
  • the upper arms come up, until they are parallel to the upper body
  • the elbows stay as close as possible to the body
  • in the final position, the palms of the hands point to the shoulders
  • lower the arms slowly and turn the forearms, without touching the ground
  • make controlled motions without momentum
  • do several reps