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Side Bend With Broomstick

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auxiliary muscles:Lower BackMuscle, Rectus AbdominisMuscle
required:Barbell or Broomstick
fitness level:Easy
exercise type:Cardio
Variations available (2)
Starting PositionExecution

Starting Position

  • place a barbell or a broomstick on your upper back
  • adhere the tool at its ends
  • the back is straight
  • for an optimal stand open the legs hip width
  • the knee joints are bent a little

Correct Execution

  • brace the abs and bend the upper body to one side slowly
  • tilt as much as possible without losing the stability
  • afterwards, guide your upper body above the starting position to the other side or repeat the motion several times at the same side
  • make sure that the motion is controlled and consistent
  • avoid too fast movements and swinging of the upper body
  • repeat this exercise often for an effective oblique workout