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Breaststroke With Dumbbells

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muscles:Teres MusclesMuscle, DeltoidsMuscle
auxiliary muscles:BicepsMuscle, TricepsMuscle, Hand FlexorsMuscle, Pectoralis MajorMuscle, TrapeziusMuscle
required:Dumbbells (2) or Kettlebells (2) or Weight Cuffs
fitness level:Hard
exercise type:Strength
Variations available (17)
Starting PositionExecution - 1nd Step
Execution - 2rd StepExecution - 3th Step
Execution - 4th Step

General And Specifics

  • grasp two dumbbells with lighter weight with hammer grip
  • your posture is upright
  • the feet are hip width apart
  • bend the arms and bring the elbows to shoulder height, so that the dumbbells are in front of the sternum

Correct Execution

  • hold the arms in shoulder height and stretch them out in front of your chest
  • keep the arms stretched and guide them to the sides in a wide bow
  • your upper body is in the form of a T now
  • bend the arms and bring the weights back into the starting position
  • this creates a flowing motion
  • do not let the upper body swing
  • do several reps without pausing
  • afterwards, invert the direction of the rotation and do the same number of reps