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Pullover With Barbell

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muscles:Pectoralis MajorMuscle, Serratus AnteriorMuscle
auxiliary muscles:TricepsMuscle, Latissimus DorsiMuscle, Teres MusclesMuscle, DeltoidsMuscle
required:Barbell or EZ Bar, Bench or Stool or Exercise Ball
optional:Workout Partner
fitness level:Normal
exercise type:Strength
Variations available (4)
Starting PositionExecution

Starting Position

  • grasp a barbell or an ez bar shoulder width with both hands
  • put it onto your chest, keep holding the weight
  • sit down in front of the bench or another tool
  • lean your back against the tool
  • lift your pelvis and lay down onto the bench with your upper back
  • your upper body is now parallel to the ground
  • push the barbell up above your chest

Correct Execution

  • always keep your arms bent a little
  • guide the barbell above and behind the head until the point of peak stretching (about where your upper arms build a line with your upper body)
  • do not let your hip wander around
  • go back to the starting position slowly
  • repeat this execution several times

tips for the workout

  1. if you hold the hip lower, the chest workout becomes more intensive (more power is needed, to guide the weight back up again)
  2. if you are experienced in working out, you can also do it on a gym ball
    • by keeping the balance, you can demand the core additionally
  3. a partner can help you by passing and taking the weight