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Shoulder Press With Dumbbells, Hammer Grip, Seated

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auxiliary muscles:TricepsMuscle, Pectoralis MajorMuscle, Serratus AnteriorMuscle, TrapeziusMuscle
required:Seat, Dumbbells (2)
fitness level:Normal
exercise type:Strength
Variations available (17)
Starting PositionExecution

Starting Position

  • grasp a dumbbell with each hand
  • sit down on a weight bench or a chair, your back is straight
  • angle your elbow joints to 90 degrees
  • bring your upper arms up until they are parallel to the ground
  • the elbows point forwards, you can see them in the outer field of vision, your sight turned directly forwards (arms and upper body are vertical to each other)
  • the palms of the hands point to each other

Correct Execution

  • brace your body
  • hold the shoulders back and push the weights up at the same time
  • they are arranged vertically above your shoulders
  • do not stretch the arms fully, to preserve the elbow joints
  • avoid a hollow-back
  • go back to the starting position slowly and repeat the exercise for an effective forearm workout