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Deadlift, One-Legged

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muscles:Lower BackMuscle, HamstringsMuscle, GlutesMuscle
auxiliary muscles:Rectus AbdominisMuscle, ObliquesMuscle, QuadricepsMuscle, AdductorsMuscle, AbductorsMuscle, CalvesMuscle
required:Dumbbells (2) or Kettlebells (2) or Backpack or Medicin Ball
fitness level:Normal
exercise type:Strength
Variations available (5)
Starting PositionExecution

General And Specifics

  • this fitness exercise is appropriate as a bodyweight exercise and for a workout with weights
  • it upgrades your stability and flexibility

Starting Position

  • if you choose to work out with weights, grasp to dumbbells or kettlebells
  • hold them with neutral grip next to your thighs
  • knees are slightly bent, legs shoulder width opened
  • lift one leg off the ground and move it back a bit

Correct Execution

  • bend over to the front until your upper body is parallel to the ground
  • at the same time, the rear leg is in the air to keep the balance
  • your arms and weights are hanging down the whole time
  • keep the back straight and the knees slightly bent to prevent spine injuries
  • hold the final position for a moment
  • come back into the starting position again
  • repeat execution several times with one leg
  • then switch the legs and do the same

tip for the workout

  • if you do not have dumbbells, just use a filled backpack, grasp it at its ends and hold it in front of your pelvis in the starting position
  • do the exercise as described above