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Russian Twist On Exercise Ball

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auxiliary muscles:Lower BackMuscle, Rectus AbdominisMuscle, HamstringsMuscle, GlutesMuscle
required:Exercise Ball
optional:Dumbbell, Kettlebell, Backpack
fitness level:Normal
exercise type:Strength
Variations available (10)
Starting PositionExecution
Starting Position (Alternative)Execution

General And Specifics

  • this exercise promotes stability and coordination
  • additionally it strengthens the core

Starting Position

  • sit down on a gym ball
  • place the feet shoulder width apart on the ground
  • move your feet forwards in a controlled motion
  • lean back your upper body at the same time until the ball is under your shoulder blades and you can rest the head on the ball
  • your knee joints are bent to 90 degrees then
  • hold the hip up so that your body is parallel to the ground from head to knees
  • stretch out the arms upwards
  • the hands are together

Correct Execution

  • turn the upper body to one side to 90 degrees
  • your arms are parallel to the ground then
  • the ball under you is rolling to the opposite side, your shoulder lifts off the ball
  • keep the legs and hips as stable as possible
  • come back to the starting position and go on to the next side
  • repeat the ab exercise several times

tip for the workout

  • to make this ab exercise more difficult, you can hold an additional weight in your hands
  • execute it with control and avoid losing the equation