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Squat On Tiptoes

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muscles:QuadricepsMuscle, HamstringsMuscle, CalvesMuscle, GlutesMuscle
auxiliary muscles:Lower BackMuscle, AdductorsMuscle, AbductorsMuscle
required:Doable Without Equipment And Weights
optional:Seat, Broomstick, Backpack
fitness level:Hard
exercise type:Strength
Variations available (31)
Starting PositionExecution - 1nd Step
Execution - 2rd Step
Starting Position (Alternative)Execution - 1nd Step

General And Specifics

  • this exercise is a special challenge for your stability
  • additionally, many stabilizing muscles are activated which keep the body in balance
  • if this is not possible for you, use a broomstick or the back rest of a chair to adhere to

Starting Position

  • stand up, feet shoulder width apart
  • turn them out 10 degrees
  • the knees are slightly bent, to release the joints
  • if necessary, adhere to the tool, or accept the challenge if do it without help
  • push out your chest, keep the back upright and the head in extension to the spine

Correct Execution

  • lift the heels of the ground
  • bend the knees as if you make a squat
  • in the final position, the thighs are about parallel to the floor
  • push out the bottom
  • knees and feet point into the same direction, the knees do not protrude the toes
  • it is not about how fast you can do it, but about the correct execution
  • push yourself back up again
  • the heels are up during the whole exercise
  • execute this repeatedly

tip for the workout

  • if the leg exercise is still too easy for you, fill a backpack and use it as an additional weight