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Leg Extension With Dumbbell, Seated

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required:Dumbbell, Seat or Table
fitness level:Normal
exercise type:Strength
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Starting PositionExecution

General And Specifics

  • this exercise is proper especially for soccer players and strengthens the thigh muscles

Starting Position

  • sit down on a higher table or chair, your back is straight
  • clamp a dumbbell between your feet
  • your thighs lie on the table until the edge of the table, so that the knees are still moveable
  • bend them to 90 degrees
  • hold the head in extension to the spine, look straight ahead
  • tilt the upper body a bit forward and hold your hands to the edge of the table

Correct Execution

  • stretch out both legs without letting the weight fall down
  • the legs are parallel to the ground
  • the thighs stay on the table and do not move
  • only the calves are moving
  • let the weight come back again, repeat the exercise several times