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Bent Over Balance Row, Double-Handed

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muscles:Latissimus DorsiMuscle, TrapeziusMuscle, Teres MusclesMuscle
auxiliary muscles:BicepsMuscle, Hand FlexorsMuscle, Lower BackMuscle, DeltoidsMuscle, HamstringsMuscle, GlutesMuscle
required:Dumbbells (2) or Kettlebells (2)
fitness level:Hard
exercise type:Strength
Variations available (27)
Starting PositionExecution

General And Specifics

  • this exercise combines strength and balance
  • it can be challenging for beginners

Starting Position

  • take a dumbbell or kettlebell with each hand
  • position the feet hip width apart on the floor
  • bent the upper body forward until it is almost parallel to the floor
  • simultaneously, lift one leg
  • both arms hang down slightly bent below your shoulders
  • the palms point to each other
  • the supporting leg is bent a bit, too
  • the back is upright, the head in extension to the spine

Correct Execution

  • hold the body stable and the leg up while you bend the arms and pull up the weights
  • the shoulder blades move towards each other
  • the elbows lead the movement
  • guide them past the torso
  • in the final position, the weights are next to the torso
  • pause shortly
  • lower the weights, the arms are always bent at least a bit
  • after some reps, switch the legs for a consistent back workout

tip for the workout

  • the exercise becomes easier, if you do it with one arm and adhere to a tool for more stability