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Over And Under With Partner

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muscles:Lower BackMuscle, DeltoidsMuscle
auxiliary muscles:TricepsMuscle, Rectus AbdominisMuscle, HamstringsMuscle, GlutesMuscle
required:Medicin Ball
fitness level:Easy
exercise type:Strength, Plyometrics, Cardio
Variations available (2)
Starting PositionExecution - 1nd Step
Execution - 2rd Step

Starting Position

  • use a (medicine) ball, one of you grasps it with both hands
  • stand back to back with a little space in between
  • open the legs a bit wider than shoulder width, so that the ball can pass between them

Correct Execution

  • bend the legs simultaneously and go into the squat position
  • tilt forward the upper body and hold the backs as straight as possible
  • do not let the knees protrude the toes, to keep strain from the joints
  • now pass the ball between your legs
  • stretch out the legs and erect the upper body again
  • raise the arms until they are vertical to the ground
  • pass the ball above your heads
  • afterwards, go into the squat position again and pass the ball
  • do several reps

tip for the workout

  • the exercise becomes more intensive, if you use a heavier ball or do it faster