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T-Bar Row

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muscles:Latissimus DorsiMuscle
auxiliary muscles:BicepsMuscle, Hand FlexorsMuscle, TrapeziusMuscle, Lower BackMuscle, Teres MusclesMuscle, DeltoidsMuscle
fitness level:Normal
exercise type:Strength
Variations available (27)
Starting PositionExecution

General And Specifics

  • lay a towel into a corner of the room so that it will not be damaged

Starting Position

  • put weight plates on one side of a barbell
  • place the empty side of the barbell in the corner
  • place the other side between your hip width opened legs
  • your straight back points to the corner
  • squat, tilt the upper body forward up to 45 degrees and encompass the barbell with both hands and stretched out arms below the weights (if you use more weight, encompass the barbell above the weight plates)
  • alternatively you can grasp the barbell with the sling of a towel
  • leave the squat position, the legs are only slightly bent now
  • the legs are shoulder width open
  • push out the bottom

Correct Execution

  • pull the weight up with bent arms as high as possible
  • the shoulder blades come together
  • the elbows are close to the body
  • the body remains stable
  • you can hold the weight up in the final position for a short moment
  • bring the barbell into the starting position, the arms are slightly bent
  • repeat the execution of the lat exercise several times