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Stretching Exercise Benefits With Proper Form & Technique


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muscles:Rectus AbdominisMuscle
required:Doable Without Equipment And Weights
optional:Fitness Mat
fitness level:Easy
exercise type:Stretching
Starting PositionExecution
Starting Position (Alternative)Execution

General And Specifics

  • you should not do this Yoga exercise, if you have issues with your lower back, because you will have to go into a hollow-back

Starting Position

  • lay your front side on the floor or a fitness mat
  • place the hands on the ground, next to the head
  • the legs are stretched out
  • the backs of the feet are on the ground, either

Correct Execution

  • lift head and upper body now
  • your hands support your body weight
  • your chest points forward while pelvis and legs are still on the floor
  • hold the upper body up for about 20 seconds, then come back down
  • repeat 2-3 times